• Keep the whole house smart, by connecting non-WiZ products to the WiZ network
  • Ensure all lights can be controlled via the WiZ App and voice-controlled smart devices

General Information

  • Suitable For:  Indoor use only
  • Lighting Product Type:  DRIVERS
  • Product Group:  DRIVERA
  • Product Range:  WiZ


  • Enables you to connect existing non-smart products into the WiZ ecosystem
  • ActS as a dimmer to the existing product
  • Control of the dimming value is done through through the WiZ interfaces, which can be mobile apps, voice control, automations
  • On/Off Relay - for non-dimmable products (some fluorescent tubes, fans or lava lamps, etc…) it can be configured as a simple ON/OFF relay on its 110/220V output.
  • Triac - for phase dimmable product (Halogen lamps, Incandescent Lamps, most LED drivers) it can be configured as a triac and provide leading edge phase dimming on a 110/220V output


Performance Data



Product Code Weight A B C
WZRTR2A - 96 48 28.5


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