Need a hand controlling your lighting? Just ask Siri

With Siri, select your perfect scene without breaking a sweat.

Got your hands full as you walk through the door? Comfy on the sofa and don’t fancy moving? Siri is on hand to help you control your lighting.

Your lighting, your voice!

Take control of the lighting in your home. With Starlite Connect, Siri lets you brighten, dim and colour your home in the way that you want.

Customise your home

Create your scene through the WiZ Connected App, then tell Siri its name to call on later.

Dark blue – “Siri, Movie Night!”
Cool white – “Siri, Time to Cook!”
Red, green, gold – “Siri, Merry Christmas!”

Working with Siri

Controlling your lighting with Siri couldn’t be easier! Simply create your scene in WiZ Connected, select “add to Siri”, and give it a sentence using your voice.

Done! Next time you ask Siri, you’ll have your favourite lighting scene instantly. For more information on setup, visit our FAQs.

We are here to help!

Want to know more about your Starlite Connect system? Visit our support page for FAQs to help you get creative in your home.

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