Lighting that echoes your style

With Alexa, control the lighting in your home without moving a muscle.

When you need to get the lights on but you can’t reach the switch, or if you’re comfy on the sofa and don’t fancy moving, Alexa will provide you the lighting that you need just by using your voice.

“Alexa, I’m home!”

Take control of your lights with the Amazon Echo. As you walk through the door, leave the house for work or just move between rooms, with Starlite Connect, Alexa is your personal lighting assistant.

Lighting, your way

It's never been easier to personalise your lighting with Starlite Connect via the WiZ Connected App.

“Alexa, England are playing!”
“Alexa, Movie Night!”
“Alexa, Time to Cook!”

Lights will then change to your chosen scenes!

Amazon Alexa Starlite Connect

Working with Alexa

Sync your WiZ Connected app with Alexa in just a few taps to get your home under voice control! Open the app, follow the simple step by step process, and there you have it! For more information on setup, visit our FAQs.

We are here to help!

Want to know more about your Starlite Connect system? Visit our support page for FAQs to help you get creative in your home.

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